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June 2024

Feature of The Month

Linen Mystery Box - Feature of The Month (10-12m)

£50.00 £140.00
Fabric Code: LinenMysteryBox

Linen Mystery Box: June Feature of The Month

Assorted neutral toned pure linen fabrics, perfect for a variety of textile creations

Featuring the first ever Fabworks Mystery Box! The contents are pure linen, sourced as deadstock pieces from a UK supplier who specialises in screen & sublimation printing. These assorted linens hold a host of superb uses ready for you to get creative. Now available at our bargain FoTM price!

What's Inside A Mystery Box?

  • 10-12m total length per box, 100% pure linen fabrics (RRP £140)

  • 1 x 1000yard thread in coordinating neutral colour

  • Other Fabworks goodies

Mystery Box Specification:

  • Variety: 4 pieces - 6 pieces, all different styles & finishes

  • Quantity: Assorted lengths (Guaranteed no piece under 1m, no piece over 4m)

  • Volume: 10 - 12 metres fabric per Mystery Box

  • Composition: 100% Linen fabrics only

  • Colour: Variety of neutral & natural colours only (white, cream, ecru, straw, flax, beige)

  • Style: Assorted weaves & weights, from structured strong styles to light softer finishes

The fabrics in the Mystery Boxes come in a variety of styles, some are lighter toned and almost white in colour, whereas others are most definitely a classic beige. The finishes on the fabrics vary from soft and supple, to strong and sturdy. What's inside is a mystery!

Weight: Each box weighs approximately 4kg

Fabric Width: Minimum width of 140cm for all mystery box content

How To Get Creative Using Your Mystery Box:

The uses for this superb quality pure linen are limitless. Try your hand at appliqué, apron making, artistic canvases for painting & printing, bag making (totes, messengers, dust bags, shopping bags, laundry & toiletry styles), blinds for the home (roman & roller), cargo pants, craft projects, cushion covers, door stops & draught excluders, dresses, embroidery projects, jackets (utility styles - durable & pocket-laden), napkins, painting & printing canvases, re-enactment & historical themed attire, skirts, sublimation printing, table cloths & runners, textile art and anything else that allows you to be creative!

Art: Perfect for artistic creations. Use this fabric as a base cloth for printing and painting - a blank canvas for your artistic licenses, this is what the fabric was originally purposed for

Home: No paint, no worry. These natural and neutral toned pieces are perfect for chic interior styles such as scatter cushions, table runners and chic roller/roman blinds, as well as door stops, draught excluders & other neutral accessories in the home

Craft: Ideal for purposing as napkins to match new table runners, plus dust bags (new sewing machine cover?), aprons, tote bags, appliqué and so much more!

Clothing: Find a new neutral for the wardrobe with utility style jackets, cargo pants, skirts & a variety of cool & hard-wearing linen styles

Get Creative ✂

This Mystery Box is bursting with linen surprises. Each box has an assortment of 100% linen fabric, perfect for a variety of textiles and craft projects, from light soft furnishings, to structured dressmaking projects, right through to printing & other arty creations

These fabrics are suitable for so many projects, they only limit is your imagination

Additional Information ❓

Each Box: For every Linen Mystery Box ordered you will receive one box filled with assorted linen fabrics + other Fabworks goodies. Minimum total length 10m

Purpose: The fabrics included in the Mystery Box were originally purposed for printing & dying, sourced from a linen printing manufacturer in the UK. Rescue & repurpose these one-offs for a host of textile art projects

Laundering: We suggest laundering all fabrics if the item you plan to make will require laundering. Linen has a natural shrinkage of around 5% softening naturally over time with wash & wear

Mystery: All Mystery Boxes are different, all fabrics included are from a large stock of assorted deadstock rolls. We do not guarantee continuity from one box to another. No two boxes are the same

Quality Guaranteed: All Mystery Box contents have been put together by hand by the Fabworks team, with quality assurance throughout for high quality and free of any imperfections

Value: Prices determined as part of Fabworks' monthly Fabric/Feature of The Month promotion during June 2024. RRP per Mystery Box: £120-£160 each

Sourcing Stock & Background 📦

Prepared For Print!

All the Mystery Box linens were originally purposed for printing, sourced from a linen printing manufacturer in the UK. These prepared for print fabrics are free of oil and have no natural softeners added. They have had no chemical finishes and are perfect for printing, dyeing painting and crafting

Reasons Why We Love Linen 🧵

Linen's breathability, durability, and aesthetic appeal makes it a popular choice for a wide range of textile projects, including clothing and home furnishing

  • Softens with wash & wear
  • Breathable
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Durable
  • Resistant to moths & pests
  • Stain resistant
  • Doesn't pill
  • High temperature tolerance

Extra Info & Disclaimer

1 unit = 1 Mystery Box

All Mystery Boxes are completely unique, no two boxes are the same

Non-returnable. Sold as seen