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Oceanographer - Cashmere Length (2.6m or 2m) B144/B146

Fabric Code: B144

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Luxurious short lengths of Cashmere including various weave styles: herringbone, twill, straw, houndstooth & flat weaves.

The width of these fabrics is standard 150cm (approx), unless otherwise stated.

A fine indigo-navy twill that will feel gorgeous next to the skin with its soft supple handle and delicious drape. A high end suiting cloth that has a slight lustre and is otherwise understated and simple
Weight: Light (suiting style)
Composition: 100% Cashmere
Length: 2.6m good (3.1m total) OR 2.0m - take your pick

Cashmere Lengths

These Cashmere Lengths come in a variety of sizes, all of the highest quality 100% cashmere fabric and other exquisite natural fibre blends

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Sold by length, prices calculated at approximately £40/m

Sourcing Stock & Background

The natural fibre fabrics that Fabworks obtains are always high quality, but these we are presenting as part of our 8th Birthday Event surpass even our own high standards.

Sourced from a renowned local manufacturer who produces cashmere fabrics for elite international designers, these pure cashmere pieces are the ultimate in luxury fabrics, with the softest fibres and smoothest, silken nap, lending themselves to chic self-bespoke waistcoats, jackets/coats and capes, with the smaller pieces ideal for cushions & patchwork craft projects that you may want to stroke more than your pet!